Since its inception in October 2013, the Parent Association/Parent-Teacher Association of Pelham Gardens Middle School has worked hard at fostering parent involvement and creating a family environment centered around family events.   As each year passes, the PA of PGMS continues to do bigger, better and more creative things to engage the students as well as the parents.  Below, you can see all of the PA sponsored events since the PA's inception.

SPECIAL THANK YOU: To every current and previous Pelham Gardens Middle School Parent who has ever served as an officer on the Parent Association/Parent-Teacher Association Executive Board.  We could not have done any of this without you.


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Dream Big Talent Competition (June 2018)


Movie Night 2018


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Movie Night March 2018

Valentine's Day Candy Bag Event



Winter Holiday Raffle

2018 Dream Big Talent Competition


Exclusive Dream Big Performance

2nd Annual Carnival/Block Party

Coming in June 2018.





Annual PGMS Carnival

Since June 2015, the annual PGMS carnival has become the biggest annual event of the school year; second only to the November "Giving Thanks Feast" event.  Started by our founding Parent Association President Wanda Gonzalez, the carnival has been a huge success each year, providing students, parents, staff and guests of PGMS families with food, music and plenty of excitement.  From the childhood favorite Bouncy House to the Grown-up favorite Sticky Wall, there is no shortage of fun.  And, just when you think that fun cannot get any better, we always have a surprise contest the make sure the party stays lit.

The Carnival is a true family event, coordinated by families for our PGMS Family.   

We Are Family School Dance

There is an adult in every child's life that is an endless means of support and inspiration.  That adult's presence and influence shines bright in the life of that child.  PA President Letecia Stewart decided what better way to celebrate that than with a family dance.  On May 18, 2017, our first annual "We Are Family" parent-child dance was our way in which to accomplish this.  The whole idea of the dance is for our students to bring any adult (mother, father, uncle, auntie or even the neighbor) who has been a source of support and inspiration in their life.  This would be a way for them to say, "Thank you for all you have done."  --- Food, Fun, Family and Music is the "We Are Family" Dance.  

Dream Big Talent Competition

On Thursday, April 6, 2017, the Parent Association of Pelham Gardens Middle School hosted its first annual "Dream Big" Talent Competition.  Rapping, singing, dancing, drumming and even acting, our Pelham Gardens students lived up to the name of the competition.  They dreamed big all while putting on a big show.  Kids turned up, serenaded, harmonized and mesmerize the crowd. Students form all grades competed with each other for the chance to be crowed the winner.  The Dream Big Talent Competition did not fail to entertain the crowd in attendance.  

Congratulations to our 2017 Talent Show Winners:

1st Place Winner: 1st Place Trophy | $25.00 Gift Card (Dave & Busters)

Wytia McColley (Class of 2018)

2nd Place Winners: 2nd Place Trophy

Judhalia Jimenez & Nyima Elmore (Class of 2019)

3rd Place Winners: 3rd Place Trophy

Shinea Austin & Kira Smith (Class of 2019)

Valentine's Day Candy Bags

On Tuesday, February 14, 2017 the Parent Association distributed 100 Valentine's Day candy bags to students from their parents.  This was the first ever Valentine's Day event sponsored by the Parent Association.  Countless hours went into creating hand-made bags of candy.  This allowed parents to show their children just how special they are to them and how much they love them.  Each student's eyes lit up when they received the candy bag from their parents.  This is one of the many events that truly epitomizes the family culture oriented culture of PGMS.

Miss Chocolate Fundraiser

This year, the PA of PGMS was able to successfully sell out every box of candy and collect all proceeds from parents.  Ms. Chocolate has been the main means of raising funds for the Parent Association since 2013.  This (along with other fundraising methods) helps the PA to reach it year end goal of hosting the Family Carnival Night for the entire school.




Teacher Appreciation Week May 2017


Family Carnival Night

On June 3, 2016, the Parent Association of Pelham Gardens Middle school (in collaboration with ASPIRA) funded the second annual school wide Carnival.  This event once again welcomed all students, their parents and the entire family to celebrate a successful year at PGMS.  In the process of meeting and fundraising, the PA was able to achieve its goal of creating this extraordinary year-end event for a second consecutive year.  This event was fun filled, full of food and music and an incredible family vibe.  Here's to PA of PGMS tradition.

Miss Chocolate Fundraiser

Ms. Chocolate continued to be a main means of raising funds for the PA of PGMS.




Family Carnival Night

On June 5, 2015, the Parent Association of Pelham Gardens Middle school (in collaboration with ASPIRA) funded the first ever school wide Carnival.  This event was welcomed all students, their parents and the entire family to celebrate a successful year.  This event was fun filled, full of food and music and an incredible family vibe. 

Miss Chocolate Fundraiser

Ms. Chocolate was a successful means of raising funds in the previous year, so the PA of PGMS decided to continue with it going into the new school year.




Movie Night at PGMS

On Thursday, March 27, 2014 The Parent Association of Pelham Gardens Middle School held its first ever movie night fundraiser event.  Not only was this family event a financial success raising over $250.00, but each and ever parent and child in attendance truly appreciated an in expensive movie night with other members of the PGMS family.  

Miss Chocolate Fundraiser