Our Belief Statement

Welcome to Pelham Gardens Middle School (PGMS) where we believe education is the great equalizer and that knowledge brings about opportunity, voice, and joy. Teachers have the ability to mold and influence the lives of each child to be a successful member of our society. We believe that given the right opportunities and guidance all children can strive toward excellence. 

Our Core Values

Collaboration - Teaming Up & Working Well With Others.

Reflection - Finding Areas of Personal Growth & To Self-Improve.

Advocacy - Speaking Up (Respectfully) For Yourself & Others.

Friendship - Getting Along With Others / Treating Others Nicely.

Thinking - Being Able To Analyze & Explain Situations.

PGMS Mission Statement

At Pelham Gardens Middle School, students will obtain the lifelong tools that will allow them to excel in all fields of study and compete on a global level with their peers.  Upon graduation, our graduates will have the confidence to learn effectively for the duration of their lives with a full understanding of the transformative power of learning.

School News

  • New Parent Association President By Succession

    To All Pelham Gardens Middle School Parents,

    Due to personal reasons, our elected Parent Association President is no longer able to fulfill the duties of position.  Therefore, our elected Vice-President Dejonae Pettaway (6th Grade Parent) will hold the seat of President by succession as per the PA bylaws.

    We would like to thank Ms. Pettaway for her willingness to step up as President and wish her success in her new role.

    MS 566 (11X566) Pelham Gardens Middle School
  • The Elections Were A Huge Success!!!

    Last night's Parent Association (Expedited) Elections were a huge success.  Not only were we able to fill all mandatory positions, we were also able to fill a position that has not been held by anyone since 2015.  

    We would like to first thank all of the parents who attended last night's election meeting and helped to make it such a success.  We could not have achieved this success without you.  Next, we want to thank our Elections Chairperson Shannon Cruz and Election Note Taker Sophia Olivero.  We literally could not have conducted our elections without your courage to assume your respective roles.  Last but not least, we would like to congratulate the four parents who were unanimously elected to their respective positions and now form our Parent Association Executive Board.  Let's please recognize: 

    - Sophia Henry - Parent Association President

    - Steffanie Bonilla - Parent Association Treasurer

    - Lashandra Francis - Parent Association Secretary

    - Paris Pettaway - Parent Association Vice President

    We look forward to working with these ladies and seeing what great things they have in store for the Pelham Gardens Middle School community.

    MS 566 (11X566) Pelham Gardens Middle School
  • Current Nominees For Thursday's (Oct 28th.) Elections (Updated)

    Current Nominees For Thursday's (Oct 28th.) Elections:
    PRESIDENT (Manage PA Affairs)
    1. Sophia Henry (6th Grade Parent/2021 Alumnus Parent) - Bio: Good evening, I am running for PA President because I feel I have the rapport and experience with the PGMS community needed to get things done. I am a PGMS Legacy Parent, with a son that recently graduated from the school. Additionally, I currently have a 6th grade student that attends PGMS. This is important to know because it shows that: 1) I have experience with ALL of the PGMS teachers across all grades and have a track record or working with them to make sure that the needs of my child and others were met. 2)Currently have a student in the 6th grade of the school community. Meaning that I will not have to serve or be a member of the PA for only one year. I will be able to serve in whichever capacity for possibly 3 years. 3) I have a great relationship with the administration and I have collaborated with them multiple times over the past three years. This is important because as parents we need to have the ears of those able to assist us with making the needed changes. 4) I am currently an employee in a DOE school in District 11. This is important to know because it shows that I know the ins and outs of the system and am familiar with the local school community needs. Thank you all for your time. I want you all to know that I will proudly serve as PA President and do everything I can to make sure our voice is heard and that we can work alongside teachers to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children. Thank you, Sophia Henry
    2. Stefannie Bonilla (8th Grade Parent) - Bio: I will like to be nominated to this position because I think I would be a great addition to the PGMS family team. I am willing to work as a team as I have shown the same leadership I’m my other children elementary school and think this would be a new journey for me in middle school but I am willing to learn and adapt as I go. I appreciate the consideration and time. Have a good day. 
    TREASURER (Manages PA Finances)
    1. Corinthia Barrow (7th Grade Parent) - Bio: Served as Treasurer for 2020-2021 school year.
    2. Venica Heath (6th Grade Parent) - Bio: New parent member interested in serving as PA Treasurer.
    SECRETARY (Manages PA Records)
    1. Rosmelyn Duverge (6th Grade Parent) - Bio: My name is Rosmelyn Duverge. I am 32 years oId& reside in the Bronx in the castle hill area with my family. I am mother of 2yr old twins; girl and boy and 11yr old Sophia who is a 6th grader at Pelham Gardens middle school. I work as a home attendant and am going to school to become a registered nurse. This is my first time Nominating myself on the PTA Board. I am excited about the opportunity to be more involved in school decisions that affect all of our children.             
    2. Lashandra Francis (6th Grade Parent) - Bio: My name is Lashandra Francis (Cheylah's Mom) Excellent people skills, Go getter, Team player, Multi-task, Excellent under pressure, Career driven (Nursing background as well as Administrative skills) Looking forward in joining PGMS team.
    3. Johanna Aquino (6th Grade Parent) - Bio:  I want to participate because parents should make a difference.
    ELECTION CHAIRPERSON (Facilitates Elections)
    1. Needs To Be Filled (Parent Not Running For A Seat) - A simple, basic script created by the DOE will be provided to the volunteer and Parent Coordinator will review with everything with the volunteer prior to elections.  To volunteer, Fill Out The Nomination Form.
    Election Note Taker (Records Election Events)
    1. Paris Pettaway (6th Grade Parent) - Bio:  Wants to volunteer for note taker for the elections.
    Here are your current nominees for the elections.  If you wish to nominate yourself, there is still time.  Fill Out The Nomination Form to throw your name in the hat for a seat on the Parent Association Executive Board, and don't forget to Register For The Elections, if you have not done so already.
    We thank all the parents who have registered for the elections and those who have opted to take a leadership role amongst the PGMS parent members.
    See you this TONIGHT at 5:30pm via Zoom (link should be in your email after you register).
    MS 566 (11X566) Pelham Gardens Middle School
  • Verification Codes


    Hello Parents. For tonight's elections, before we start the nominations and voting process, you will need your verification code. You (or one of us) will change your visible name in the Zoom meeting to your verification code, so your vote remains anonymous.

    Your verification code is: Your Child's Class (e.g. 601) hyphen The Last 4 Digits of Your Child's OSIS Number.

    So, if your child's class is 601 and your child's OSIS number is 111222333, then your verification code will be 601-2333.

    If you do not know your child's class and/or OSIS number, I can provide that to you by email. Email me at TLeader@pgms566.org.

    Please make sure you register for the elections and make your nomination(s).
    - Register For The Elections - https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0vceGvrTkvEtDbaMYXzN33Fcrh-TsUhgOO
    - Make Your Nomination(s) - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfwmXMa85-uRHyHcs0PrHgTGDBlzS7rt13Q1vKd3HOx_FrAPw/viewform

    I look forward to seeing you all at tonight's virtual elections.

    MS 566 (11X566) Pelham Gardens Middle School
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