Pelham Gardens Middle School

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Our Belief Statement

Welcome to Pelham Gardens Middle School (PGMS) where we believe education is the great equalizer and that knowledge brings about opportunity, voice, and joy. Teachers have the ability to mold and influence the lives of each child to be a successful member of our society. We believe that given the right opportunities and guidance all children can strive toward excellence. 

Our Core Values

Collaboration - Teaming Up & Working Well With Others.

Reflection - Finding Areas of Personal Growth & To Self-Improve.

Advocacy - Speaking Up (Respectfully) For Yourself & Others.

Friendship - Getting Along With Others / Treating Others Nicely.

Thinking - Being Able To Analyze & Explain Situations.

PGMS Mission Statement

At Pelham Gardens Middle School, students will obtain the lifelong tools that will allow them to excel in all fields of study and compete on a global level with their peers.  Upon graduation, our graduates will have the confidence to learn effectively for the duration of their lives with a full understanding of the transformative power of learning.

School News

  • Parent Workshop Interest Survey


    Parent Workshop Interest Survey

    Pelham Gardens Middle School wants to provide our parents with engaging events and workshops that address relevant issues and offer education that will empower them to better themselves and protect their families. So, we will offer various types of workshop and would like to know what interests you the most.

    Please complete this form ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BeRs-4Xj2IARQeaLTVTo-rdVfo18Ayvnh6WMShjoIdY/edit ) to share your workshop preferences.

    Thank You.

    MS 566 (11X566) Pelham Gardens Middle School
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