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  • The Amazing 6th Grade Team Google Site

    Parents and students.  In the face of all the changes our city has faced, Pelham Gardens Middle School has seamlessly and passionately embraced the shift toward a more technology-based educational experience.  So, we are proud to announce that our 6th Grade Team has worked extremely hard to put together an amazing Grade Google Site for you.  It is full of grade relevant, grade specific and grade centered information, tools and resources.  Please click here for the link to the 6th Grade PGMS Google Site.  

    MS 566 (11X566) Pelham Gardens Middle School
  • New Message From Our Principal

    Parents and students.  Go to our homepage and see our Principal Mr. McGhie address student about remote learning and provide great tips they can use to be successful in this new learning environment.
    September 22, 2020.
    MS 566 (11X566) Pelham Gardens Middle School
  • OTUS and PGMS Townhall Information For Parents

    We know there was a lot of information parents had to absorb this week for the beginning of school.  So, for your convenience, here is access to the OTUS presentation, the OTUS how to guide and the PGMS Townhall.

    MS 566 (11X566) Pelham Gardens Middle School
  • Speak With Your Parent Coordinator

    PGMS Parents!  If you have any questions or concerns about parent involvement opportunities (e.g. PA meetings or parent workshops) or your child's academic or social emotional development in our school, you are invited to video conference with your school's Parent Coordinator, Mr. Leader.  He will meet with only one parent at a time. There will be no group sessions in this meeting.  Please wait in the Zoom waiting room patiently.  If there is no response after about 10 minutes, please fill out the Contact Us Form on the school's website Thank you.

    Open: 9am - 11am | 2pm - 3pm (Mon-Thu)

    Passcode: pwzm58


    Click Here To Speak With Your Parent Coordinator

    MS 566 (11X566) Pelham Gardens Middle School
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