Welcome to Pelham Gardens Middle School (PGMS) where we believe education is the great equalizer and that knowledge brings about opportunity, voice, and joy.  Teachers have the ability to mold and influence the lives of each child to be a successful member of our society. We believe that given the right opportunities and guidance all children can strive toward excellence.

--- Pelham Gardens Middle School, Belief Statement

CORE VALUES: Collaboration | Reflection | Advocacy | Friendship | Thinking

Mission Statement

At Pelham Gardens Middle School, students will obtain the lifelong tools that will allow them to excel in all fields of study and compete on a global level with their peers.  Upon graduation, our graduates will have the confidence to learn effectively for the duration of their lives with a full understanding of the transformative power of learning.

--- Pelham Gardens Middle School, Mission Statement

Phone-Free School, Yonder Partner Badge.Pelham Gardens Middle School

Is a Phone-Free School.