School Uniform

Here at Pelham Gardens Middle School, we are a 100% uniform school.  

All students are expected to be in uniform every day they attend school.  Our school uniform consists of navy blue, black or khaki colored slacks (can be purchased at Old Navy or Gap) and our Pelham Gardens Uniform Polo Shirt (must be purchased from school) which has the school logo on it.  Each grade has a different colored uniform shirt.  This allows us to easily identify not only our students, but also what grade they are belong to.  WE EXPECT ALL STUDENTS TO ADHERE TO THE UNIFORM POLICY.  Any student who comes to school and is not in uniform will have to serve detention the following school day.

All though we strictly adhere to the uniform policy at Pelham Gardens, we do allow students to wear any type of footwear, except for open toe shoes.  No student is allowed to wear slippers, sandals, flip flops or chancletas.  All footwear must be closed toe and protect their entire foot.

Please click the photo to see the uniform for each grade: