Please be aware that all parents and legal guardians of a Pelham Gardens Middle School Student are automatically members of the Parent Association.  If you are a parent (or legal guardian) of a Pelham Gardens Middle student and you are interested in joining the Parent Association, simply attend the next scheduled Parent Association Meeting.  View the school calendar or see the "School News & Events" on the Home Page for upcoming dates.

*All meetings for the 2023-2024 school year are scheduled to be in-person at our school building (2545 Gunther Avenue Bronx, New York 10469).

Attend Parent Association Meetings

Do you want to be a part of the Parent Association just as an parent member? Then all you have to do is attend each Parent Association meeting.  You can share your thoughts and ideas, or simply attend as a spectator (more or less).  Remember, all parents and legal guardians of a Pelham Gardens Middle School student are automatically members of the Parent Association. So, you are always welcomed (and encouraged) to participate by attending the meetings.  However, if you are interested in taking a more active role in the Parent Association, scroll down to see how you can contribute.

Get Elected To The Executive Board

The Parent Association Executive Board is the governing body of the Parent Association of Pelham Gardens Middle School and automatic members of the School Leadership Team (SLT).  They are the parent members who are elected by the Parent Association (all parent members in attendance) to be the heads of the PA and the voices of the parents of Pelham Gardens Middle School.  In order for the Executive Board to be complete (and able to function), all three mandatory position must be filled during the yearly elections.  The three mandatory positions are PresidentTreasurer, and Secretary.   If there are still parent members who wish to be elected to the Executive Board after all three mandatory positions have been filled, then there are three non-mandatory positions that can be filled as well.  Those three non-mandatory positions are 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President and 3rd Vice-President.  Scroll down to see the duties of each executive board position

Join a PA Sub-Committees

Sub-committee members take on various tasks and projects for the Parent Association delegated to them by the Executive Board.  Some of the projects include, but are not limited to attracting more members to meetings, conducting ongoing fundraisers, coordinating PA-sponsored events, establishing and managing relationships with local businesses for sponsorships and volunteering for activities/events in the school.  Scroll down to see the roles of different PA sub-committees.

Be an Election Facilitator

An election facilitator is a one-time position that occurs during the Parent Association elections.  Both the Election Chairperson and the Note Taker are important roles that must be filled by a parent member (staff cannot fill these roles).  The elections cannot take place without the Election Chairperson and the Note Taker.  Scroll down to see the roles of the elections chairperson and the note taker.