PGMS Administration

Denise L. Williams, Principal

Joseph Biernat, Assistant Principal | Ian McGhie, Assistant Principal | Melissa Dellipaoli, Assistant Principal

Denise L. Williams, Principal

 Ms. Denise L. Williams is not just the leader of Pelham Gardens Middle School, but also the visionary who created a school centered on high academic standards, school culture and a establishing an extremely welcoming family environment.

Ms. Williams is the type of administrator that you want in charge of your child's education.  Along with her incredible administrative staff, she meticulously finds ways to improve and enhance the quality and methods of teaching your child to provide your child the educational experience that they deserve.  While she understands that grades and academics does not completely measure a child's full potential, she challenges all of her students to reach their highest potential and do their very best.  She (along with her teaching staff) always encourages students to never quit and reflect on the things they have done well in addition to the things that they can correct for next time.

Ms. Williams is strict.  She is the authority in Pelham Gardens.  However, when all work is done and the task is complete, she enjoys nothing more that engaging with her students and creating a fun, exciting school culture.  She has helped conceive or green lighted a number of events and activities that have become PGMS traditions since the school opened.  There is even a day when the entire school eats as one big PGMS family (yes, the entire school). When it comes to creating a culture synonymous with fun, friendship and family, she has created the model example.

Ms. Williams loves her students.  But, Ms. Williams also loves the parents and the adjoining family members that come with the students.  She always welcomes each parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, cousin or baby sibling that enter our PGMS doors with the same warm and welcoming embrace you would see between family members.  Creating a welcoming family environment is one of her top priorities.  She builds a great relationships with parents and (along with her Parent Coordinator) does everything within her ability to accommodate, facilitate and mediate all parent concerns, issues and uncertainties.